You can find my thesis in English here and in French here.


[1] Perthame E., Friguet C., Causeur D., Stability of feature selection in classification issues for high-dimensional correlated data, Statistics and Computing, 2015 pdf

[2] Sheu C.-F./Perthame E., Lee Y.-S., Causeur D., Accounting for time dependence in large-scale multiple testing of event-related potential data, Annals of Applied Statistics, 2015 (co-first author with Ching Fan Sheu) pdf

[3] Boyer L., Millier A., Perthame E., Aballea S., Auquier P. and Toumi M., Quality of life is predictive of relapse in schizophrenia, BMC Psychiatry, 2012, Highly Accessed pdf

Invited conferences

[1] StatLearn2016Perthame E., Variable selection for correlated data in high dimension using decorrelation methods (Vannes, France)
Slides available on the conference website